New on the Grip Dashboard: Event Sponsorship Packages and Advanced Filtering

January 16th, 2018 by Tim Groot

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In our ongoing quest to ‘empower the organizer’ we’ve added a whole range of new features to the Grip Dashboard. This includes new business intelligence features, organizer notifications for direct engagement with event attendees, sponsorship packages and a whole new data quality section on the home screen.


Sponsorship Packages

Grip now features two sponsorship packages that you can manage completely from the dashboard.

Lite – a simple way to ‘highlight’ certain exhibitors or potentially even visitors in recommendations and attendee / exhibitor lists. Boomset, in the mobile mockup, is not pushed to the top of the list but does has the featured label behind the name to increase visibility and catch people’s attention when scrolling through the list.

Premium – the full sponsorship package will push exhibitors to the top of lists on both the mobile app and desktop platform giving even greater visibility as is the case with Grip, CVENT and Circdata in the screenshot.

In addition to that, premium sponsors are also shown in the footer of emails and in the sidebar on the desktop platform.


Again, all of this can be managed from the Grip dashboard to empower you to take full control of your event to create event sponsorship packages of the Grip matchmaking platform.

Advanced Filtering

With events becoming bigger and bigger the ability to quickly filter profile and interaction data from for example meetings is crucial and of great importance to organizers. Therefore we’ve made one of the most advanced filtering modules available in the industry.



It enables multi-facet and multi-rule filtering, to illustrate what this means let us give you an example. You can filter for all meetings that involve an exhibition company and are with a visitor and are not yet accepted. You can go as complicated as you want, there is no limit! See a small give with an example of multi-facet filtering below!


Data Quality Tracker

Data quality is crucial for successful event matchmaking and this new section gives you a great snapshot on the quality of the data you have provided from where you can start collecting more data and make necessary changes to the matchmaking rules to increase the coverage of them.

To make it actionable, we’ve added a suggestions section that shows you ways to improve your data quality so that you can set your event up for maximum success on the Grip Platform.


Other Improvements

New data tables – we’ve simplified our data tables to no longer require horizontal scroll and are highlighting the data that is most important in the table.

New full profile design – we’ve created a whole new full profile that includes a real-time preview of the profile and improved editing functionality to update profiles if required.

We are Grip, the first event networking platform powered by artificial intelligence. Our goal is to create a new connectivity layer of the professional world and to achieve our goal we need you.


The events industry is a multi-billion dollar business. But its technology is often overlooked, anachronistic, and sorely in need of a refresh to better address the needs of event organizers, attendees, and exhibitors.


We bring networking to the forefront of events to improve the experience of millions of event attendees. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data, we help create meaningful professional connections across the world.


We seek a full-time (B2B) Product Marketing Lead to drive lead generation and work together closely with sales, project management, product and engineer to grow revenue and client success.



Driving lead generation, nurturing and conversion across multiple inbound and outbound channels, including email, SEO, social, content, customer referrals and channel partners.


Work with project management to drive event success, by creating webinars and case studies of how to successfully use Grip at an event.


Inform and optimize product messaging and UX to impact conversion at each stage of the sales and user funnel.


Be part of shaping the product roadmap by providing market and client insight to drive event success.


Shape the Grip brand in the minds of our target customers to re-enforce our premium and cutting-edge position in the market.


Create performance plans in function of the companies overall goals and actively track and work towards achieving growth across the specified KPIs.



2+ years in Marketing experience in a typical B2B technology category (e.g. SaaS).


Excellent English to write copy as a native English speaker and effectively collaborate with commercial and product teams.


Degree in Business, Marketing, Economics or a related discipline.


Entrepreneurial with an enthusiasm for early-stage startups.


Previous experience in working closely together with Product Management and other internal teams in successfully launching new products and features.



Based in the heart of Shoreditch in a spacious and conveniently located office, we are offering a rare opportunity to be part of growing an early stage tech company that is shaping the use of AI across the entire event tech industry. We offer a competitive salary, stock options and the opportunity to work together with a world-class team with previous experience from Yahoo, Tesco Data Science, and Blackrock.

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Event networking insights that are obvious to us, are often difficult to learn for a computer that just works in zero’s and one’s.


Luckily, the Grip matchmaking engine has been able to learn some of those human subtleties completely on its own in 2017 by analyzing over 300,000 profiles and their behavior.


The Grip matchmaking engine obtained these insights with limited human intervention through real-life interactions across Grip supported events last year. Below are some of those insights.


1.Job titles are vital to event networking success

Obvious? Maybe. But our system now knows that people that have CEO, VP or Founder in their job title are 30% more likely to be connected with by people than others.


In addition to that, people that have sales, marketing or other entry-level titles such as student or bar staff are going to have a tougher time making connections at most events while they’re actually more often power users.


However, when someone is the “Head of Marketing” or a “Sales Manager” we learned that they’re actually more likely to be connected with than the event average.


2.Popular and Unpopular tags in Event Networking

What people write on their profile and what keywords are used seems to have a significant impact on their popularity in matchmaking.


Words that significantly boost someone’s popularity include investment, investment manager, venture capital, investor, asset fund, big data, analytics, IOT, cloud computing, and startups. As one can expect, the investor related and tech buzzwords do have a significant positive impact on people’s popularity.


Unpopular words include mainly sales, finance and traditional service provider related words including sales, marketing, management consultant, open source, law firm, banks credit, services bank, credit union.


3. The “Why” is more important than the “Who”

One of the most striking things that our matchmaking engine has learned in 2017 is that why someone is recommended to them can have a larger impact than who is recommended to them.


As you can see in the graph below, having a common connection or having swiped interested on a similar person can make you 3 to 4 times more likely to be interested in connecting with someone.


The Grip Matchmaking Engine also detected that working in a similar industry has little impact on “interest” shown between users, while commonalities in connections (handshakes) and swipes had a greater influence.


4. Profiles pictures don’t have a significant impact on event matchmaking

Quite surprisingly, profile pictures do not have an impact on people’s chances of making connections. While aesthetically a professional photograph is good to have, there does not seem to be a correlation between photos and event matchmaking success.


It really looks like people are interested in making the “right” connections – good news!


5. Gender does not affect recommendations and networking success on Grip

Since the matchmaking engine is self-learning it can sometimes learn from features that we don’t want it to learn from.


Gender can be one of those features that our system doesn’t learn from but could actually have an impact on who people connect with. LinkedIn has often been accused of being used in the same way as tinder by men.


Luckily, that’s not the case on Grip. Gender does not have an impact on the frequency someone’s profile was visited, nor increase chance of a connection on our platform.


This is just the beginning


As we’re ramping up for 2018, we are looking forward to continuing to apply our AI technology to learn about the event networking behaviour of professionals.


The insights above, are just a small taste of the actionable insights that attendees and meeting organisers can use to optimise event experiences and actively participate in truly “smart” events.


At Grip, we will continue to prove the value of this approach so stay tuned and if you’d like to hear more get in contact with our team.

  • EventBrite (Free for Free Events)

Casual event goers often look at Eventbrite as a repository of events.  Eventbrite tools allow you to post an event in minutes and manage everything from ticket registration, sales, event description and location, to marketing the event, all from a single dashboard.

Easily track progress over ticket sales, and see your best-performing selling channels. Eventbrite lets you promote your event and also create affiliate programmes.


  • Showcase Your Attendees and Speakers with Grip Leadbox

Using Grip LeadBox, you can easily showcase your attendees and speakers. Grip LeadBox not only has the benefit of showcasing your attendees and speakers but will also generate leads. Your website visitors will get a tailored experience even before purchasing a ticket by accessing recommendation of attendees to meet at your event. For website visitors to see attendees to meet at your event they will have to enter their email address.


With the email address collected the event organizer will be able to retarget website visitors if they have not converted. Grip LeadBox is free for free events, nonprofit events, charity events and it is also compatible with every website using simple lines of code.

Showcasing your attendees and speakers has multiple benefits it helps attendees to find who they could be meeting at an event giving them an extra incentive to go to your event. Event organizers know the importance that networking plays at events.


  • Give Attendees the Opportunity to Connect with Others Before the Event with the Grip Matchmaking Platform

Giving attendees the chance to connect before the event can create a word-of-mouth buzz about the event. Attendees will be more inclined to tell colleagues, friends and peers about the event if they made relevant connections before it. This has multiple benefits – increasing attendees engagement and satisfaction and ultimately increasing ticket sales. 

Grip’s networking platform helps event organizers to do just that, with its state of the art matchmaking engine powered by Artificial Intelligence.

The AI works seamlessly in the background, recommending who attendees should meet according to their preferences.


  • Sell More Tickets with Segmenting in Grip LeadBox Dashboard

The Grip dashboard lets you  understand which groups of attendees convert the most, and adjust your promotion accordingly to better target your best converting groups. Most importantly, with our dashboard, you can identify which groups of people came to your website without converting, enabling your marketing team to identify flaws and increasing business opportunities, essentially growing the event.

Using the collected leads and segmentation statistics from your LeadBox dashboard, you will be able to re-target your website visitors into attendees. With the data collected, it will be easy for you to create targeted messages to convert website visitors into attendees.

The Grip Matchmaking Engine uses artificial intelligence to understand the networking objectives of users, and connect them with the most relevant people at your event. However, as an organizer you already know a lot about which people will be interested in meeting each other at your event.

To take advantage of this, we’ve introduced the Categories feature, enabling you to have your knowledge influence our artificial intelligence and help us learn faster and perform better business matchmaking. Here’s a short “how to” guide to get started with the Categories function in Grip for your event.

1. In your dashboard open the “Categories” tab

   Open Categories in Dashboard

2. Add your categories

You can add as many categories as you like, but we recommend keeping it simple to make sure people are not in doubt as to which category they belong to.


3. Select the Event / Container to relate Categories

While Categories are app-wide, relations are event-scoped. In this way, you can change the relations of Categories for every individual event. For example, at one event importers might want to meet with exporters, whereas at another event they might want to meet with service providers.


4. Create relations between Categories

For every category you can specify multiple related categories, this can only be other categories that are also in the application. The relations are one-way, so think of it as a sentence: “As an investor I want to meet startups, corporations, accelerators”. “As a startup I want to meet Investors, Corporate VCs, Accelerators”. Correctly setting up the relations will significantly improve business matchmaking at your event.


Well done!

You’ve now setup Categories in the Grip matchmaking engine, and established relations between them for a specific event to create even better business matchmaking. Now consider reading about how you can use the Grip Attendee Plugin or request a demo to start using Grip at your event!



Growing your event ticket sales are the primary goal of an event website. Smart organizers are always looking for ways to improve their website. That is why we are launching “Grip LeadBox” to help organizers achieve this goal more effectively.

84% of event attendees say that meeting new people is their primary reason for attending. However, event organizers rarely show who you could be meeting at an event on their website. Event websites often highlight sessions, speakers and sponsors, but almost never the people or companies that will be present at the event.

People and companies are not recommended because everyone is looking to meet someone different. This makes it difficult to show a set of profiles that will be relevant for everyone. We will change this forever with the launch of “Grip LeadBox”.

Grip LeadBox

Grip LeadBox provides an easy-to-implement and personalized way to showcase your attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, visitors and VIPs on your website. This helps you engage people on your website, drive email signups and increase conversion to ticket sales.

An example of  Grip Leadbox on our demo event website. Explore it for yourself here:

Example of how the Grip Attendee Plugin can be used on an event website.

How to start using Grip LeadBox:

If you don’t have an application on our dashboard yet, you can request a demo or get in touch for more information.

1. In your dashboard, go to the Plugin Manager

Open the Plugin Manager

2. Choose the event you want to make the Plugin for


3. Create and publish the Plugin

Customize text, colors and links and publish when you’re done.


4. Place it on your website

Simply copy the code from the Plugin Manager and add it to the part of your website where you would like it displayed.


Well done! You’re now ‘live’!

You can now track how many people convert to your ticketing page from the button, and export the email addresses from the Plugin Manager.


  • Export leads


  • Improve it further by getting more people to network

The recommendations that are given by “Grip LeadBox”  are influenced by how people are using the Grip matchmaking engine. This means that the more people use the networking section in your event app, the better the recommendations will get; those people will also show up automatically in the Plugin if they are of high relevance to a specific group of people.




We are Grip, a professional networking app for events. Grip empowers professionals to achieve their networking potential. The Grip matchmaking app connects delegates, speakers, and exhibitors in a fast and simple way.


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