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Powered by Grip Event Networking

In our ongoing quest to ‘empower the organizer’ we’ve added a whole range of new features to the Grip Dashboard. This includes new business intelligence features, organizer notifications for direct engagement with event attendees, sponsorship packages and a whole new data quality section on the home screen.


Sponsorship Packages

Grip now features two sponsorship packages that you can manage completely from the dashboard.

Lite – a simple way to ‘highlight’ certain exhibitors or potentially even visitors in recommendations and attendee / exhibitor lists. Boomset, in the mobile mockup, is not pushed to the top of the list but does has the featured label behind the name to increase visibility and catch people’s attention when scrolling through the list.

Premium – the full sponsorship package will push exhibitors to the top of lists on both the mobile app and desktop platform giving even greater visibility as is the case with Grip, CVENT and Circdata in the screenshot.

In addition to that, premium sponsors are also shown in the footer of emails and in the sidebar on the desktop platform.


Again, all of this can be managed from the Grip dashboard to empower you to take full control of your event to create event sponsorship packages of the Grip matchmaking platform.

Advanced Filtering

With events becoming bigger and bigger the ability to quickly filter profile and interaction data from for example meetings is crucial and of great importance to organizers. Therefore we’ve made one of the most advanced filtering modules available in the industry.



It enables multi-facet and multi-rule filtering, to illustrate what this means let us give you an example. You can filter for all meetings that involve an exhibition company and are with a visitor and are not yet accepted. You can go as complicated as you want, there is no limit! See a small give with an example of multi-facet filtering below!


Data Quality Tracker

Data quality is crucial for successful event matchmaking and this new section gives you a great snapshot on the quality of the data you have provided from where you can start collecting more data and make necessary changes to the matchmaking rules to increase the coverage of them.

To make it actionable, we’ve added a suggestions section that shows you ways to improve your data quality so that you can set your event up for maximum success on the Grip Platform.


Other Improvements

New data tables – we’ve simplified our data tables to no longer require horizontal scroll and are highlighting the data that is most important in the table.

New full profile design – we’ve created a whole new full profile that includes a real-time preview of the profile and improved editing functionality to update profiles if required.

We are Grip, the first event networking platform powered by artificial intelligence. Our goal is to create a new connectivity layer of the professional world and to achieve our goal we need you.


The events industry is a multi-billion dollar business. But its technology is often overlooked, anachronistic, and sorely in need of a refresh to better address the needs of event organizers, attendees, and exhibitors.


We bring networking to the forefront of events to improve the experience of millions of event attendees. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and data, we help create meaningful professional connections across the world.


We seek a full-time (B2B) Product Marketing Lead to drive lead generation and work together closely with sales, project management, product and engineer to grow revenue and client success.



Driving lead generation, nurturing and conversion across multiple inbound and outbound channels, including email, SEO, social, content, customer referrals and channel partners.


Work with project management to drive event success, by creating webinars and case studies of how to successfully use Grip at an event.


Inform and optimize product messaging and UX to impact conversion at each stage of the sales and user funnel.


Be part of shaping the product roadmap by providing market and client insight to drive event success.


Shape the Grip brand in the minds of our target customers to re-enforce our premium and cutting-edge position in the market.


Create performance plans in function of the companies overall goals and actively track and work towards achieving growth across the specified KPIs.



2+ years in Marketing experience in a typical B2B technology category (e.g. SaaS).


Excellent English to write copy as a native English speaker and effectively collaborate with commercial and product teams.


Degree in Business, Marketing, Economics or a related discipline.


Entrepreneurial with an enthusiasm for early-stage startups.


Previous experience in working closely together with Product Management and other internal teams in successfully launching new products and features.



Based in the heart of Shoreditch in a spacious and conveniently located office, we are offering a rare opportunity to be part of growing an early stage tech company that is shaping the use of AI across the entire event tech industry. We offer a competitive salary, stock options and the opportunity to work together with a world-class team with previous experience from Yahoo, Tesco Data Science, and Blackrock.

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You’d be forgiven for thinking that current signals around Artificial Intelligence are mixed.
Is it an over-hyped ‘new tech thing’? Or is it going to somehow Take Over Humanity As We Know It (like in the Terminator or Matrix movies)?

The reality is not quite so dramatic. Where it does get exciting is how Artificial Intelligence is shaking up processes that are currently inefficient or simply very random, such as networking in the events space.

And that is where Grip comes in.

Event matchmaking is currently a tedious data-entry process, usually only available at the biggest events. There’s plenty of legwork for organizers, getting through thousands of registrant’s names, often manually matching them for relevance. Attendees have reams of paperwork to get through to indicate their interests. And that’s before the meetings are scheduled.

Attendees who aren’t matched and scheduled, aren’t the meet-and-mingle type, or don’t already have an established network, may turn up at a large trade conferences disoriented and disengaged, despite organizers’ best efforts.


How AI matchmaking works.

Using social media data from established networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, Grip offers attendees from the newest conference delegates to the seasoned old-hand a personalized networking experience, without the drudgery of form-filling. (Some of our attendees have called it ‘revolutionary’.)

Pre-event meetings with Grip happen after both parties have indicated a mutual interest in each other’s areas of business, and agreed to a timeslot to meet. This can keep changing as often as both parties need it to.

At the event, our AI takes attendee preferences and curates suggestions from the attendee namelist, based on mutual interests. So no one has to scroll through 5,000 names to find, say, 5 that they might want to meet.

Attendees also network in real time. That means that, in the midst of the event, they can ‘swipe right’ (that’s a ‘Yes’) on individuals on their personalized list whom they’d be interested to meet. Depending on how they interact with that list, a fresh set of contacts could be suggested.

Everyone, including celebrity attendees and speakers, has as much privacy as they can handle, with a curated list based on their indicated networking preferences, ensuring that only the right business prospects get connected. (Get the details here. And when we mean AI, we don’t mean the lipservice stuff. We mean the game-changing stuff.)


How we use data.

Under the hood, Grip’s Artificial Intelligence Matchmaking Engine combines algorithms, contextual vectors and natural language processing to interpret data from multiple sources including social media profiles and usage patterns.

Data is used to suss out networking intent, and how well that was satisfied. Users are anonymous to each other until and unless they indicate they are both ‘Interested’ to meet. And private messages between attendees are private.

When we provide insights — at an aggregated level — to event organizers and sponsors, it enables them to know which parts of their program were the most effective, and where they got the best return on their investment from.



Artificial Intelligence won’t replace human-to-human interaction. Grip doesn’t replace the random serendipitous encounter by the snack bar. It enhances it. Not leaving networking to chance means — no attendee will have to wonder if they’re in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right person. Ever.



Engage Attendees with Event Networking

Any event professional who wants to be at the top of their game has to consistently find ways to revolutionize their attendee’s experience. Artificial Intelligence is transforming the events industry as a whole, yet a key part of the attendee experience is still the most ‘human’ one — networking.

Up to this point, event networking has been a slightly overlooked area. While the days are over when event-goers were thrown together with a generous bar tab and expected to ‘mingle’, notions of ‘exposure to prospects’ and ‘creating the right atmosphere’ for meaningful connections are still fuzzy.

Consistently getting the human-to-human connection right – appropriately and meaningfully – is what turns a ‘regular’ attendee event experience into something revolutionary.

Here at Grip we focus on getting that connection right. Through personalizing the networking experience with Artificial Intelligence, we’ve facilitated about a million connections so far (and counting).

Here’s an insight into some of the key networking personality traits we’ve encountered, and how you can use an understanding of them to revolutionize your own attendees’ experiences.

1. Time-savers

Time savers have signed up to the event because they want a tangible ROI on the cost of attending the event. With them, the saying ‘time is money’ is not a cliche. They could be start-ups looking for a partnership, sales looking to capture a business lead, exhibitors looking for a customer — but they’re looking to make the most of their time.

Help them schedule meetings before the event even begins, to boost networking productivity.

“The meetings would have taken at least the first day of the conference to arrange – but (with Grip) I’ve been able to arrange them a week in advance.” — Max Davies-Gilbert, Director, Enemigo

2. Curators

Closely related to Time-savers are the Curators. These are the folk who believe in scheduling good quality meetings, not lots of them. It’s easy to collect or ‘swipe’ as many business cards as possible, but Curators know that a staggering 87% of leads at tradeshows are not followed up on, and they want to use their time and resources better.

“The app helps you clarify which potential meetings you want to have… 5 out of 6 meetings I’ve had are quality meetings; I’ve had 8 yesterday and 8 today, so it’s been pretty good.”  — Matthew Servini, CEO, The Craft Distilling business

3. The Restless

With a completely different work set-up – open offices and mobile workstations – and a job that entails being constantly on-the-go, the Restless would prefer not to be tied down to lots of paperwork, or logging in to an app multiple times and updating it on – heaven forbid – a desktop. They live on their smartphones and tablets, so nimble, easily-managed mobile technology is the way to go.

“Grip was the ideal solution to introduce both an app and a matchmaking solution to the young and mobile Imbibe Live audience. We needed a solution which would work easily through their phones, especially as due to the nature of their jobs they are not at their desks very often.” — Sonja Van Praag, Publishing & Events Director, Imbibe

4. Serendipistas

Most of the hard work in networking involves that element of uncertainty – trying to get the right connection in the right place and time. With the right app, attendees won’t have to leave their networking to random chance. Grip, in fact, uses Artificial Intelligence to make a science of serendipity, ensuring that attendees not only meet the most relevant people to their business, but also – potentially – unexpected connections that are useful.

“Usually I’m struggling to find the right person at the right time… Now, with the app, I’m not only setting up meetings with people who wanted to meet, but also meeting new people whom you might not have otherwise bumped into, which is revolutionary.” — Philip Harding, Founder, Dingle

5. Reticients

As an events professional, you’re likely to be more of an extrovert — you like to get out there, meet people and get things done. But not all attendees are the same. For some,   ‘networking opportunities’ at an event can sound more like a threat than a promise — even if networking is part of their job. And who doesn’t have days when they aren’t up to the demanding task of meeting and mingling?

Cover all the bases with a networking app that ensures parties mutually interested in each other can connect without an awkward handshake or spammy meeting request in sight. A ‘Handshake’ in the Grip app signals to both parties that there’s interest to meet on both sides.

Tip – This works really well with VIP attendees too – they get to define how much networking they want to do, and with whom.

“It’s quite easy to meet up, because they have an interest in you, and you have an interest in them. You have the Handshake, so you assume you both have an interest.”  — Caitlin Frost, Sales Manager, GlassCo

6. Design Afficionado

Of the million and one things to do for an event, the ‘UX’ – User Experience – of an event app is rarely on organizers’ priority lists. But attendees now expect more, and appreciate a well-designed app. Good UX makes the difference between an app that attendees download – and then promptly ignore – versus one whose interface is easy to understand and fun to use.

“Grip is very easy to navigate, and connecting with people is quite a low barrier process; very few obstacles… This is one of the best experiences digitally, both in terms of correspondence but also in terms of UX.” — James Sandrini, Director, Eight Point One

Grip empowers attendees, exhibitors and hosted buyers to make meaningful connections at events. Contact us to see if we can provide an event app and professional matchmaking solution that suits your event.


Four reasons an ‘Event Networking App’ will improve business networking at your event

The venue rocks. The catering and entertainment are going to be exquisite. The scene is set for a great event. Or nearly. Behind the scenes, your event company’s revenue is affected by a poor event networking experience for your conference attendees.

Consider this – with rising costs, exhibitors and marketers have to think hard about their ROI when deciding on which event to attend. Increasingly, they’ll put their money where they’ll get the best leads – quality over quantity – so the best meeting organizers must provide the tools for attendees to achieve their networking goals.

But up to this point, the benefits of event networking – especially for event organizers – haven’t really gone beyond fuzzy notions of ‘exposure to prospects’ and ‘creating the right atmosphere’ for meaningful connections to occur. And only the biggest event companies, it seems, can afford the time and eye-watering sums it takes to manually professionally matchmake attendees.

Whatever the company size, there are sound business reasons for providing a networking app – real-time flexible matchmaking, scalable personalization, enabling quality lead captures, and using cost-efficient AI. Here are the details:

1. Real-time flexible matchmaking.

It’s no longer enough to throw delegates together or dump an attendee list on them and hope that they’ll ‘mingle’. Even manual professional matchmaking – expensive and manpower-intensive as it is – may not be enough.

For Grip, a curated networking experience involves an evolving list of the best people to meet, based on social media profiles, mutual interests and app usage patterns, amongst other things. Pre-event meetings with Grip happen after both parties have indicated a mutual interest in each other’s areas of business, and agreed to a timeslot.

On location, attendees network in real time. That means that they can ‘swipe right’ (that’s a ‘Yes’) on individuals on their personalized list whom they’d be interested to meet. Depending on how they interact with that list, a fresh set of contacts could be suggested during the event. It’s virtuous cycle of recommendation and improvement.

2. Scalable, personalized networking.

Efficient matchmaking, the way Grip approaches it, saves precious time with mutually agreed-upon, personalized matches. It’s particularly suitable for hosted buyers and VIP guests as it respects the privacy of these attendees by empowering them to decide on the extent of the connection they wish to establish. And avoids time-wasters in unrelated businesses trying to game-fill their meeting calendars.

It works on both scales – Grip has enabled more than 40,000 connections from tech events in the first quarter of this year, from relatively small VIP events to 4YFN, the startup business platform of Mobile World Capital Barcelona.

3. Enabling quality lead captures.

Help attendees capture ‘quality’, not ‘quantity’ leads by personalizing B2B networking. Unlike most lead capture apps, Grip is not restricted to exhibitor, location of booth, or platform. And Grip’s personalized networking feature ensures that only the most suitable prospects are identified and recommended. 55% of Grip’s users recently indicated that they made a ‘Handshake’ connection that they would not otherwise have made, with Grip.

4. Using efficient Artificial Intelligence.

You’ll find that a little AI goes a long way. Comprising advanced algorithms, contextual vectors and natural language processing, Grip is the first event networking platform powered by Artificial Intelligence, and is a great example of a startup punching above its weight in terms of handling tens of thousands of attendees at hundreds of events globally.

Generate Business Leads Through Event Networking

Top event organizers know that exhibitors sign up for tradeshows for B2B marketing – to generate new business leads through event networking. For most exhibitors, the main goal of exhibiting at a tradeshow is to make meaningful connections that justify their investment of time and money on that event.

To stand out from the competition, event organizers must offer the best tradeshow experience for exhibitors. This means facilitating good quality business leads for exhibitors with high-value attendees such as hosted buyers, such as through the use of B2B matchmaking tools that connect both parties.


The current issue for exhibitors with tradeshow leads is a familiar one — too much quantity over quality. Not all ‘leads’ are equal. When exhibitors go for quantity over quality, ‘swiping’ or collecting as many business cards as possible, it creates too many poor quality leads. Many exhibitors also do not consider what other data they need to capture beyond what’s on the attendee’s badge. This rarely gives them enough information to evaluate the real value of a lead.

The other issue is simply a question of logistics. Tradeshow events are often held in vast, disorientating spaces. Exhibitors are at the mercy of swag-hunters or the random footfall that passes their booths. Too many serendipitous connections are still left to random chance – booth location, perhaps, or what is happening onsite at that moment of time. (This explains how a staggering 87% of leads captured at tradeshows – costing hundreds of millions of dollars in unrealized business opportunities – are not followed up on.)

Happily, event technology solutions like Grip are on hand for savvy event organizers to improve exhibitors’ lead capture process.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Grip is an event networking app using machine learning that personalizes B2B networking to generate high-quality tradeshow business leads.

Lead Capture & Lead Generation

Unlike most lead capture apps, Grip is not restricted to exhibitor, location of booth, or platform – it can be offered to all tradeshow attendees before, during and after an event. Its Artificial Intelligence matchmaking engine enables pre-event, onsite, and post-meeting scheduling.


Grip removes a lot of the hard work of B2B matchmaking. Tedious form-filling, data-entry spreadsheets, chasing up on meeting schedules, and last-minute changes can be minimized, through the simple use of registration through a networking account or social media. With the ability to prospect who is going to be there ahead of time, this is also when meetings can be scheduled, to make the most of exhibitors’ time from the start of the event.

On location:

Badge scanning linked with social media profiles enable real-time insights on prospective buyers’ networking intentions and how well this matches exhibitors’ offerings. Exhibitors can download their leads to CRM systems, such as Salesforce, in a .csv file. As users interact with Grip in the course of the event, the AI recommendations improve, presenting more opportunities for serendipitous, meaningful connections.

It’s the best of both worlds – exhibitors take advantage of the enormous exposure to networking situations that tradeshows bring, with a quality lead generation strategy fortified by the power of Grip’s AI.

As an event organizer, one of the biggest game-changers you can offer at your event is the ability to connect your attendees, exhibitors and delegates in new and meaningful ways.

Plenty of event apps out there now say they offer ‘event networking’, or even ‘event matchmaking’, as part of their deal. But what do these actually mean? Here are 7 insights you can use to get ahead with the business networking you can offer –



As you know, most of the legwork starts well before the event itself opens. Why should networking be any different?

  1. Pre-event Business Matchmaking.  A regular Networking app just won’t do this. A Matchmaking app might, but it’s likely a manual process. Your attendees may be stuck with filling forms, or searching your database for the right contacts. Or you pay for a roomful of data-entry personnel to match them up. Pricey.

Grip’s pre-event professional matchmaking solution is to have attendees register using a social media account of their choice (such as LinkedIn), with our Artificial Intelligence engine then matching relevant parties.

  1. Pre-event Meeting Booking. Who doesn’t like to go to an event with a bunch of business leads they can start working on right away? Again, a regular Networking app is unlikely to offer this, and a Matchmaking app could well leave you to do the organizing yourself.

That means lots of paperwork, more data-entry costs, and the usual chaos of last-minute changes – if you’re up for it.

Pre-event meetings with Grip happen after both parties have indicated a mutual interest in each other’s areas of business, and agreed to a timeslot to meet. This can keep changing as often as both parties need it to.

  1. (Smart) Pre-event Attendee List. Is your Attendee List a long list of names that event-goers have to scroll through, send messages to, and play Networking Roulette with?

Do better than that with Grip’s solution. Our AI takes attendee preferences and curates suggestions from the namelist, based on mutual interests. So no one has to scroll through 10,000 names to find, say, 5 that they might want to meet. They can take that interest forward and arrange meetings.


On the Day

The big day’s arrived. The delegates are trickling in. The clock is ticking to do a deal or establish a new connection.

  1. Onsite Attendee List. Do you have to throw the book of who’s coming at your attendees, literally? Don’t be fooled by event apps offering ‘onsite attendee lists’; see point 3, above.

Grip’s Smart Attendee Plugin offers a personalized, evolving list of relevant business contacts, delivered straight to attendee’s media device or laptop.  Celebrity attendees and speakers have as much privacy as they can handle, with a curated list based on their indicated preferences, ensuring that only the right business leads get in touch.  

  1. Onsite networking. This is where, and when, the business happens. Most networking and matchmaking apps leave attendees to make their own arrangements, neglecting this important opportunity to make the proverbial networking hay while the sun shines.

With Grip, attendees can network in real time. That means that, in the midst of the event, they can ‘swipe right’ (that’s a ‘Yes’) on individuals on their personalized list whom they’d be interested to meet. Depending on how they interact with that list, a fresh set of contacts could be suggested, and so on.

It doesn’t (and shouldn’t!) replace the random serendipitous encounter by the snack bar. But not leaving networking to chance means — no attendee will have to wonder if they’re in the right place, at the right time, to meet the right person. Ever.

  1. Onsite meeting scheduling. If you’re going to offer real-time event networking, then it’s a small but significant step to offer onsite meeting scheduling, so that newly-minted connections have a chance to get down to business while they’re still onsite. And yes, we do that too.



  1. Post event follow-up. The networking continues. Not with tonnes of feedback forms, but a simple, rich, data-centric report that shows event organizers (and sponsors) which sectors connected the best with which during the event.

For attendees, recommendations on who best to network with will continue, meaning that connections can be made even after the event. Organizers can opt to start free communities on Grip that continue the conversation even after the event is over.
Does your event networking app offer 7 game-changing event networking features?

Exhibitors – the lifeblood of a trade show or exhibition. Plenty of attendees, VIP speakers, sponsors, and a sparkling trade program and facilities are great, but exhibitors are key to trade event success.

For an exhibitor, getting good quality leads that convert into sales is the biggest reason why they would invest in your trade show event.

So business matching software, also known as B2B matchmaking, is an important tool that enables event organizers to make a measurable difference when exhibitors decide where to invest their budget.


Here are 5 ways to use networking technology to get, and keep, your exhibitors happy —

1. Get them on your B2B networking app.

Why? Because it’s a place where exhibitors can establish an up-to-date, multi-faceted profile of their company, based on social media and data input. Grip lets exhibitors register and prioritize the categories they’re interested in, enabling a comprehensive map where aligned interests can be recommended and matched.

The more complete the exhibitor profile, the more relevant and specific the recommendations can be.


2. Ensure exhibitors have a full schedule, pre-event.

With an established profile on the networking application and with clearly-defined areas of interest, exhibitors can be confident that they have the best possible start to your event. The matchmaking can begin almost immediately, with attendees and exhibitors scheduling appointments right off the bat.

Using Grip ensures exhibitors won’t have to contend with a list of ‘maybes’. By only recommending the most relevant to them, appointments can be made using the event scheduling feature so exhibitors can arrive at the event, ready for business!

3. Empower exhibitors to capture their best business leads.

Time, space, staff – there’s never enough on the day. With Grip’s matchmaking app, exhibitors can quickly swipe through contacts that interest them or not, find customers with the greatest potential, before meeting them. This lets them spend their limited resources – stand time and staff – on the best leads.

4. Real-time networking.

When exhibitors find a great lead, it’s a ‘Handshake’ (swipe right). When they don’t, they’ll indicate they might revisit the lead ‘Later’ (swipe left). The more they swipe right or left on the Grip app, the better the chances of them turning up better, more relevant leads. Making appointments and getting new leads in real time, on the day, also means exhibitors can schedule different kinds of appointments at the same time, for different sales staff, for example.

5. Data-tastic Return on Investment.

Yes, it comes down to numbers. Every exhibitor wants to know how well they did at your event, and where the new leads came from. Back up their sales team’s ‘gut feel’ with hard data and meaningful insights to which new connections are going to translate into sales.

Grip lets exhibitors see, at a glance, the industry sectors that made the best connections with their sales teams. Connecting further, post-event, will translate easily into new revenue streams.

Business matchmaking is a great way to show your exhibitors that you’re thinking of their needs, even in the midst of the competing priorities that go into getting a successful trade show off the ground.

Facilitating the success of exhibitors at your event makes for better long-term relationships between organizers and exhibitors, and is a great way to encourage loyalty to your brand.

Grip takes the business networking platform a smart step up, by offering the best of B2B matchmaking and event scheduling software underpinned by our award-winning Artificial Intelligence, AND enabling exhibitors and attendees to connect and improve their connections in real time.

IMEX Event Technology Award

IMEXPitch is a competition for event tech startups to showcase themselves to event organizers and marketers from around the world. It’s run as part of IMEX America, the US’ largest annual meetings industry trade show, featuring the largest hosted buyer program in North America.

Grip won the IMEXPitch Competition event at 2016’s IMEX, for the best practical use of product, innovative use of technology, ease of implementation, and user adoption to date. It also won the standing-room only audience poll at IMEXPitch, confirming its importance as the go-to smart event networking platform.

The win came after it beat 60 entrants to reach the finals of the ibtm world Technology and Innovation Watch Award in October. Grip has also been touted as one of the hottest UK Artificial Intelligence startups to watch, by industry leader Techworld.

“Grip stood out as both advanced in terms of the technology used and the design of the software,” said Miguel Neves of IMEX. “It is the best of both worlds when you can use a powerful tool that feels easy to use, and can really help you make the most of the time and resources put into participating in each event.”

“The team has been working hard to build an effective networking app for conference and event organizers,” said CEO Tim Groot, “so it’s great to have been recognized for our efforts. We’ve had a very successful year with Grip’s smart event matchmaking app, transforming some high-profile professional networking events.”

Integration with Event Apps & Grip Attendee Plugin

At Grip, we’re constantly improving, through our attendee matchmaking API, launched in August. Integration with Mobile, ITM Mobile, Slido, Loopd, Goomeo and has enabled a greater range of event services such as event management, indoor event navigation, and event app specialist integration opportunities.

New this year – Grip’s professional event matchmaking software for trade shows, fairs, and business trade events.  Features include categories for B2B exhibitor, attendee, and sponsor networking, and the Grip Attendee plugin, to help event managers grow their ticket sales and email signups.

Just as Grip’s artificial intelligence learns what attendees prefer in real-time during their event, we at Grip are looking forward to unveiling new features and services to better serve our customers. We’re the go to event app for professional networking!


We are Grip, a professional networking app for events. Grip empowers professionals to achieve their networking potential. The Grip matchmaking app connects delegates, speakers, and exhibitors in a fast and simple way.


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