Event Networking technology

How to Network Successfully With Event Networking Technology

Whether you’re a total newbie or a seasoned veteran, the introduction of new event networking technology is shaking up the way we network at conferences and meetings. Even the way attendees are matchmade with each other at events is changing, … Read More

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Increase Adoption for Your Event Networking App

7 Ways on How To Promote Your Event Networking App An Event Networking App is the perfect tool to make your attendees network fast and efficiently. High adoption among attendees is crucial if you want to successfully use an event networking app … Read More

Five Reasons - Event Networking App

5 Reasons Why an Event Networking App Will Improve Your Event

  1. Increase Attendee satisfaction Event organizers are the first to tell us that their event was created to bring the best and brightest people within a particular industry together to learn and connect with their peers. This resonates, with … Read More