Event Organizers

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Grip?

Grip is the first artificial intelligence powered matchmaking engine for event networking. Grip uses Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and other advanced algorithms to empower event organizers to create better event experiences that attendees love.

What are the benefits of using Grip?
  • Make your event a networking success and increase attendee satisfaction.
  • Turn your event into a community by enabling people to network before, during, and after your event.
  • Drive re-bookings by understanding and segmenting the attendees that got the most out of your event.
  • Find the influencers from the attendees behavioral data.
How does the Grip Matchmaking Engine assist attendees to connect with the right people?

The Grip Matchmaking Engine recommends people to meet at an event in function of the attendee’s social and optional registration data. Using active learning, we constantly improve the people that are recommended based on an attendees networking intent and behavior.

I would like to use Grip for my event?

Awesome! To get in touch it’s easy just follow this link, fill in your information and we will do the rest.

How does the pricing works?

We always encourage event organizers to book a demo to find which of our solutions best suits them.

A public event community is free, and any events organizers can set up a public community for free. However, all the goodies are not included in the free solution. We have solutions starting as little as £500 that include many benefits, just get in touch from the following link, and we will help you find the best-suited solution for your next event.


Does Grip Matchmaking Algorithm Integrates with Event APP Providers?

Grip is currently integrated with 5 Events APP Providers: Attendease, EventFuel, Loopd, Goomeo, and ITM Mobile.

What is Grip Matchmaking Engine called?

Our Matchmaking engine is called G.E.M.A. Gema is anagram that stands for “Grip Embedded Matchmaking Algorithm”.

Is G.E.M.A only applicable to event apps?

No, our matchmaking algorithm was carefully designed with the possibility to matchmake anything whether you want to use G.E.M.A for recruiting or your online platform we are open to any discussions. Get in touch to request the documentation via the following link.