Increase Event Registration With Grip LeadBox

Grip’s LeadBox gets you more email subscribers, increases conversion to your event registration page, and lets you send targeted email to potential attendees.


Improve Interaction

Enable playful interaction on your homepage with people staying around longer and having a more pleasant experience.

Boost Ticket Sales

Grow your attendee email lists with non-registered attendees with Grip LeadBox. Whereas normal event websites convert less than 1% of their visitors to email subscribers, Grip LeadBox captures as much as 5% of your visitors email addresses.

Engage Website Visitors

Grip LeadBox makes your website come to life, visitors can now truly engage with your website.

Highlight Attendees

To network and meet people is what drives any event, use Grip LeadBox to highlight your attending participants to a potential prospect on your homepage

Increase Event Attendance

Increase ticket sales by giving a sneak peak to who attendees could be meeting at your event.

Increase Event Registration

Optimize Conversion to Your Event Registration Page

Increase ticket sales by converting more event website visitors to the registration page with Grip LeadBox. 90% of the people that use Grip LeadBox convert to your Event Registration Page it’s the new fast way to optimize registration.

Send Personalized Emails to Your Mailing Lists

Grip LeadBox enables you to send personalized emails by creating a mailing list. By collecting information on prospects you can send them personalized newsletters to convert them to attendees.

Fully Customize Your Grip LeadBox

Using to use Grip LeadBox is easy. Go to the Dashboard, create the profile you want to be shown, fully customize the look and feel of the LeadBox and add the LeadBox to your website. Grip LeadBox is WordPress compatible and also works seamlessly with other website providers and custom event websites.


Increase Event Registration with Grip LeadBox

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