Attendease. The all-in-one event management solution

Engagement Event App Attendease Plus AI Event Networking

Attendease is an all-in-one event management solution that enables the delivery of extraordinary corporate events. From single, large annual events to a defined portfolio of hundreds of events of all types annually, the Attendease platform is part of the marketing cloud that drives efficiency for your marketing team, repositions events as core to your digital strategy, and creates ROI for your business.

The all-in-one event management solution of Attendease seamlessly integrates the Grip GEMA (Grip Embedded Matchmaking Algorithm) API for an unparalleled event networking experience across the full spectrum of its event portfolio

“As an event portfolio management platform, having the matchmaking and analytics capabilities of Grip as a value-add to the Attendease solution offers something unique to our customers and their happy event attendees.”

Todd Heinz, CEO of Attendease


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