ITM Mobile

Itm Mobile + Grip Networking App

ITM Mobile provides full event apps for conferences and trade shows with special features including indoor navigation and location based engagement technology.

They are a solution driven mobile development company focusing on supporting clients in creating more engaging, interactive and personalized experiences, and in providing better intelligence and analytics.

This is accomplished by making it possible for app users to “Be in the know” by easily finding and connecting with who and what they want – when and from where they need it. ITM Mobile assist clients with increasing visibility and ROI for sponsors, vendors and advertisers and thereby offering new possibilities for incremental revenue generation as well as time and cost savings.

“Integrating Grip into our apps brings unique possibilities to associations, non-profit organizations and event organizers searching for new ways to engage, provide added value and attract new members, sponsors and event participants. 

One of the things I really like about Grip is that users’ privacy is respected and does not tap in to all their contacts but instead only relies on the registered participants for the current event, to find and recommend best suited matches.

Although both companies’ solutions can be used independently, once clients see the power of combining these tools, they will be captivated by the ease of use and endless possibilities that smart mobile technology can offer them, their members and event participants,”

Thomas Hallin, Co-founder and CEO of ITM Mobile


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