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Grip is the first artificial intelligence powered event networking app.

Our User Experience

Our anonymous swiping system has multiple benefits. While being fun and addictive, it gives members the power to choose who they wish to meet without the negative drawbacks of having thousand of unwanted messages.

Did you know our swiping is anonymous?

Benefits of swiping:

  • Fun addictive interface
  • No rejection
  • Mutual interest

Psychologically Addictive Nature

When getting a match attendees feel rewarded, making their experience fun and addictive. Networking with the right professionals is only a swipe away.

You Control Who Messages You!

On Grip you only get messages from the professionals you’re interested in. Chats only get established when both people swipe right on each other.


Artificial Intelligence

The cards recommended to the user are fed by our AI, which constantly learns who visitors want to meet based on their previous swipes.

Mutual Interest

All swipes on Grip are anonymous. That means you will only get notified of a “Handshake” when both you and the other person have swiped “interested”.

Build an Event Networking Community Tailored to You

Communities are at the center of the user experience. With more than 250+ communities  live on Grip, people can simply join the ones that interest them from the app. Users can easily create new communities giving users the power to customize their experience at your event.

Benefits of Communities:

  • Community leader
  • Branding and Event descriptions on community profile
  • Landing page linked to your community
Community half

Event Community Dashboard

Monitor your event networking performance in real time inside of our state of the arts dashboard. Designed as a single point of contact to manage the event monitor attendees, Hosted Buyers, and Exhibitors.

User Generated Communities

Attendees can start their own communities at your event giving them the power to create a personalized community for their field, increasing engagement at your event.

Communities that Lasts All Year

Your communities stay active after your event so your attendees can keep making new connections.

Branded Communities Personalized

We can brand your community to your event making it clear to your attendees that this is an official event community.

Grip Event Networking Software Features

Networking App for Events

Branded Native Apps

Get a branded version of the leading Grip app. You can also integrate other event services from your community profile and use our registration API to let people join with their Badge ID.

Quick Social Login

It is easy for professionals to set up their profile with LinkedIn or Facebook. Every field can be customized to make it clear to other attendees who they wish to meet.


Communities make it easy for your visitors to connect to the most relevant people – They have the freedom to join other communities and to create their own.

Community Grip App

Direct Interaction

Our instant messaging functionality makes it easy and fast to chat to other attendees and meet at your event.


The fun swiping mechanism makes it efficient for professionals to get handshakes and do business. You can be assured they will leave with valuable connections.

Artificial Intelligence

The cards that are recommended to the user are fed by our artificial intelligence, which constantly learns about who visitors want to meet base on how they interact with the cards.

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Grip empowers professionals to achieve their networking potential. The matchmaking app connects delegates, speakers and exhibitors in a fast and simple way.