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Grip’s event networking solution for your event goes beyond apps. We provide a web platform, web app, and mobile app. Fully integrated and easy to use.

Get More Network for Your Work

Give your attendees a revolutionary networking experience

Networking First

The Grip platform was developed with networking at its core. Combining an engaging user interface with smart personalized recommendations to drive truly productive events.

Flexible and Multi-platform

The Grip event networking apps works across desktop, mobile and can even be accessed straight from your email thanks to our full calendar integration.

Branded and Customizable

Get your own fully branded app on Grip or a white-label event app from us. Customize it further with matchmaking rules, permission levels and custom notifications via email or in-app.

Easy to Use, Intuitive Interface

User Experience

Swipe right for a handshake! Or left if there’s no interest. Our fun and intuitive swiping system lets attendees make valuable connections without the drawbacks of wading through thousands of unwanted messages.’

Mutual Interest
Professionals only get notified of a “Handshake” when both themselves and the other person have swiped “Interested”. They also don’t have to worry about spam, because chat is only enabled when both people ‘Swipe Right’ on each other.

Powered by Grip

Our customer stories and awards

James Sandrini

Director, Eight Point One

“Grip is very easy to navigate, and connecting with people is quite a low barrier process; very few obstacles… This is one of the best experiences digitally, both in terms of correspondence but also in terms of UX.”

Make Your Event a Success

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Event Networking App Features

An all-in-one networking solution for your event.
Connect with LinkedIn or Facebook
Professionals can simply connect with LinkedIn or Facebook to import their existing profile. Once logged in they have full control over their user profile to drive maximum engagement.
Instant Messaging
Grip has a robust and intuitive instant messaging functionality enabling users to quickly chat about new opportunities and when they’re on their way to a meeting.
Meeting Scheduling
The advanced meeting scheduling automatically suggest a time that works for both meeting participants. Grip is fully integrated with Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, iCalendar and other popular calendars to give professionals one overview of their event meetings alongside their day-to-day work schedule.
AI Concierge

Behind the scenes, our matchmaking engine learns about who attendees want to meet based on how they interact with recommendations. This means recommendations evolve and improve in real time, before, during and after the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I only get my event on the Grip app or also have a standalone branded app?

Yes, Grip provides complete flexibility and you can either get your event on the Grip app or your own branded event networking app.

Can I add web links to other features that are not available on Grip?

Yes, you can. Grip provides an extensions list from the ‘more’ screen of the app to which you can add web links to anywhere around the web.

Do Grip's event apps integrate with Slido and other attendee interaction tools?

Yes! Grip is fully integrated with Slido for attendee interactions. Just as other features, it’s available from the ‘more’ screen in the app. Request a demo to learn more about our integrations.

Do you have a demo video of how the app works?

Yes! You can find a demo video of all functionalities that our app has here

Do you have any sponsorship packages available on Grip?
Grip has two sponsorship levels. Lite and Premium that you can provide to potential sponsors.
Lite: Includes a “featured” label on the sponsored profile in, for example, the exhibitor list.
Premium: Shows the profile at the top of the exhibitor/attendee/speaker list, shows the featured profile in the sidebar of the web networking and highlights the sponsor in the footer of emails.
We provide detailed tracking of sponsorship packages around views, clicks, connection and meetings requests that happened thanks to the sponsorship packages. Request a demo to learn more about the sponsorship packages available on Grip.