Smart Event Matchmaking Software for Virtual, Hybrid, and Live Events

Transform your event into a networking success for every attendee. Grip offers increased ROI and profitable encounters with our AI-powered event networking software.

Networking is an art. Matchmaking is a science

Drive face-to-face meetings at your event with Grip’s state-of-the-art event matchmaking tool. At Grip, we’re committed to delivering the best event networking software while enabling organizers to monitor matchmaking success in real time.

Industry-leading AI

Grip does the leg-work, so your guests don’t have to. Using self-learning software, we match attendee profiles against every event participant, saving them time and effort.

Full-service event platform

Shift the paradigm of networking with our intuitive app combined with a powerful web interface. Replace business cards with a comprehensive engagement and networking solution.

Plug and play for every event

Manage B2B events of every size reliably, using flexible permissions by attendee type, intuitive scheduling, and advanced filter and search.

Partners in success

Thousands of events, millions of attendees, and the world’s leading B2B event organizers trust Grip to deliver the highest ROI for their virtual, hybrid and live events.

Why choose Grip?

Elevate the experience of every attendee, from the moment they register for an event. Our self-learning AI guarantees matches become increasingly precise as attendees interact.
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Within seconds of registering, attendees have a shortlist of personalised recommendations


We use 20 million data points to match you with the most relevant and valuable people.

Every Action Counts

We use 20 million data points to match you with the most relevant and valuable people

Measurable Impact

70% of scheduled meetings on Grip originate from a recommendation.

Platform Features

Seamlessly integrate Grip into your event management system. For each attendee, the process is simple:
Streamline your scheduling
  1. Attendees can chat with matches to make valuable connections
  2. Dynamically configure meetings around availability
  3. Automatically sync meetings and integrate with chosen calendar app
  4. Allow exhibitors to set booths or tables as meeting locations
Optimize your operations
  1. Showcase your entire event agenda and serve data-based session recommendations
  2. Fully interactive virtual floorplans with way-finding and offline functionality
  3. Schedule and send personalised push notifications to all event guests
  4. Receive real-time feedback on attendee meeting and session experience
  5. Monitor and analyse your event’s performance in real-time with the Grip dashboard
Elevate your exhibitors
  1. Exhibitors receive a summary of attendees that engaged with them, including profile details
  2. Exhibitors can scan badges via the Grip app to collect leads on the spot
  3. Allow exhibitors to create a detailed catalogue of their products for attendees to view
  4. Easily export contacts, meetings and lead information
Grip works with a variety of events
  1. Host virtual events with virtual meeting rooms, live streaming and instant messaging
  2. Combine the best of virtual events with in-person shows with bespoke hybrid events
  3. Engage visitors in advance, during and after exhibitions and trade shows
  4. Facilitate networking, manage schedules, and recommend connections at conferences
  5. Connect the right buyers with relevant clients at hosted buyer events

Planning A Virtual Event?

Use Grip to make your webinar or virtual event more engaging and allow your attendees to network and connect over 1:1 video calls using our AI-powered matchmaking.

Happy Clients

Success Stories

Baris Onay
Chief Commercial Officer at Tarsus Group
There are too many trying to do the same thing, but Grip are a leader in the field. They were the first to use AI so the matching actually works, and the user experience is really smooth. Ultimately, when you like what you see and want to scale to 25 events, Grip can do that.
Elsa Harbourne
Director of Marketing & Technology at Mi-Forums
We pride ourselves on making our experiences for attendees great and our first event together with Grip was brilliant. Clients kept coming to us saying they loved the app. It’s been a pleasure to work with Grip.