Event Networking Platform Powered by AI – FAQ

What makes Grip different than a normal event app?

While traditional apps can sometimes feel like a paper guide put onto your phone Grip is build from the ground up with interactivity at the core. This results in a greater Return on Time for event attendees and increased satisfaction. Take a look at our features overview to learn more about some of the unique functionality our event app has to offer compared to traditional event apps.

Why should I use a matchmaking solution for my event?

Not every event should use a matchmaking solution, but if the goal of your event is to bring people together empowering them to achieve their business goals and share knowledge, a matchmaking solution can greatly increase the number of satisfied attendees. In addition to that, research from industry association UFI shows that meeting new clients and finding new leads are the most important objectives for people that attend an event. Another great reason to use a Matchmaking Solution such as Grip that will help you drive exhibitor and attendee success.

Can I use Grip integrated into my existing event app?

Yes, the Grip web platform can be integrated into your existing event app. This means that you don’t necessarily have to switch event app providers in order to start using Grip!

What is the best way to improve networking at events?

Networking at events can be improved in many ways, key components in our opinion are:

  1. Make sure there is an environment where people feel confident and comfortable, for example by providing speed networking sessions and having dedicated activities during the day and evening that are not necessarily work-related.
  2. Provide unique moments and spaces at the event for people to meet and talk, for example with a dedicated networking area onsite where pre-arranged meetings can take place.
  3. Use the latest technology such as Grip to make it easy for people to discover who else is attending and giving them the ability to arrange meetings with each other.
What are the benefits of having an event networking solution at my event?

There are many benefits to having a networking solution, but the main ones are:

  1. Greater Return on Time for attendees due to more efficient networking.
  2. Higher Return on Investment for exhibitors due to more leads being collected in a more streamlined way.
  3. Greater insight into how your event is performing and how you could improve future editions.
How can I monetise my event app?
There are many way to monetise your event app, some of the best ones are:
  1. Providing sponsorship packages that can give greater visibility to sponsors with custom banners, priority placement on the exhibitor list and many more options.
  2. Consider combining technology with a branded networking area onsite, by calling your networking area “Connections at the PayPal Lounge” for example you can give both a digital and physical presence to a large sponsor.
  3. Lead retrieval is also a great way to offer premium functionality for an extra in-app purchase to exhibitors and bring in significant additional revenue from your event technology
  4. With Grip, you can also provide Digital Packages that can give exhibitors and partners to extra functionality, meeting requests, leads and contacts. Think of it as a LinkedIn premium for events. Get in touch with sales@grip.events if you would like to learn more!
For more ideas, you can take a look at our article about event networking app monetisation.
How to measure success from an event networking app?

Most traditional metrics such as screen time, app opens and page views should be secondary in measuring success while key metrics such as number of scheduled meetings and the ratings people have given to their meetings should be used as leading indicators for measuring success. With Grip you can also rely on post-event reports to include unique insights that can help you understand whether people were able to find the right people to meet with to achieve their business goals.

What is the best way to improve networking at events?

Networking at events can be improved in many ways, key components in our opinion are making sure there is an environment where people feel confident and comfortable. Providing unique moments and spaces at the event for people to meet and talk. And using the latest technology such as Grip to make it easy for people to discover who else is attending and giving them the ability to arrange meetings with each other.

Event Management – FAQ

What metrics do you provide in the Grip Dashboard?

We provide metrics around emails, activation, recommendations, connections, meetings as well as deeper insight into what has been driving recommendations, connections and meetings.

To what detail can I analyze data in the Grip Dashboard?

We provide in-depth analysis on recommendations, connections and meetings in the form of chord diagrams, leaderboards and other useful graphs. If you want to go beyond that you’re able to export all data in CSV format to import it to dedicated data visualization platforms.

Can I export data from the dashboard in CSV format?

Yes, you can. From the Grip Dashboard, you can export all profile and interaction data in CSV format.

How do you measure exhibitor and attendee success on the Grip Dashboard?

<p>At Grip, we believe we drive real ROI for your exhibitors and attendees. Therefore track both the basics such as email and app opens as well as the exact connections and meetings people and companies are having on the Grip Matchmaking Platform.</p>

Can I set up meetings on my attendees behalf?

Yes, you can. From the Grip Dashboard, you can both create and accept meetings on behalf of attendees.

When do you typically launch your technology?

Although this depends on the event ideally launch the platform 8 to 4 weeks before your event. Having said that, some events launch as late as 24 hours before the event are still seeing incredible success on Grip.

Can I monitor how many people read your emails?

Yes, you can. You can track how many people received, opened, read, clicked and unsubscribed on emails send from the Grip platform.

Event Matchmaking – FAQ

How does the AI Matchmaking actually work?

Grip uses a vast array of data sources to deliver it’s matchmaking experience. There is more than 10 different ‘strategies’ that Grip uses to recommend people. Some are based on previous meetings and connections people like you have made, others are based on your profile data and finding you people with similar profile data. To learn more about our strategies and how our matchmaking engine work, you can request a demo!

Why are recomendations from Grip better than static rules?

Grip’s recommendations are better than static rules because they learn based on actions people take in real time. Let’s say an exhibitor requests a meeting with a partular client, Our matchmaking engine learns from this and will start recommending the exhibitor other, similar clients to meet with. A static rules matchmaking engine will never learn from these interactions and never improves past the initial set up.

Can you provide your recommendations engine outside for ongoing communities?

Yes we can! You can integrate with our API to for example give recommendations of job descriptions, people to meet with in a 365 community. We’re excited about working with you to get the most out of our matchmaking engine.

Where do you store and process data?

Our data is all processed and stored in the EU.

What mobile applications is the Grip Matchmaking Engine currently integrated with?

The Grip Matchmaking Engine is currently integrated into the Zerista, Goomeo, Moblee and Venu-IQ app. We’re always interested in integrating with other event app partners and are in active discussions with most major event app providers, please get in touch to hear how we bring smart matchmaking to your event app.

How do I know if the Grip recommendations are really working?

Grip provides detailed analytics post-event on how its recommendations performed. This will soon also be available in our dashboard so you can see at any time how various strategies are performing. You can also create your own matchmaking rules and we’ll use those to influence our other recommendations as well as select people, companies and sessions to recommend based on that.

Event Networking App – FAQ

Can I only get my event on the Grip app or also have a standalone branded app?

Yes, Grip provides complete flexibility and you can either get your event on the Grip app or your own branded event networking app.

Can I add web links to other features that are not available on Grip?

Yes, you can. Grip provides an extensions list from the ‘more’ screen of the app to which you can add web links to anywhere around the web.

Do Grip's event apps integrate with Slido and other attendee interaction tools?

Yes! Grip is fully integrated with Slido for attendee interactions. Just as other features, it’s available from the ‘more’ screen in the app. Request a demo to learn more about our integrations.

Do you have a demo video of how the app works?

Yes! You can find a demo video of all functionalities that our app has here.

Do you have any sponsorship packages available on Grip?
Grip has two sponsorship levels. Lite and Premium that you can provide to potential sponsors.
  • Lite: Includes a “featured” label on the sponsored profile in, for example, the exhibitor list.
  • Premium: Shows the profile at the top of the exhibitor/attendee/speaker list, shows the featured profile in the sidebar of the web networking and highlights the sponsor in the footer of emails.
We provide detailed tracking of sponsorship packages around views, clicks, connection and meetings requests that happened thanks to the sponsorship packages. Request a demo to learn more about the sponsorship packages available on Grip.

Lead Retrieval – FAQ

What barcodes and QR codes are you able to scan on Grip?

We are able to work with all industry standard types of QR and Barcodes.

What happens when someone scans a badge at my event?

When a badge gets scanned from the Grip App, it will locally store this information on the phone and when an internet connection is available, sync this with our servers. At this moment you can message your new connection as well as export their details from the Grip Web Networking

Can an exhibitor or visitor login export their leads?

Yes! After or during the event they can login to the Grip Web Platform and export all their badge scans as well as all the metadata that we’ve collected about those leads.