About Us

Networking is an art, but matchmaking is a science. We bring the business world together through AI-powered interactions.

About Grip

Grip is the leading AI-powered event networking solution empowering event attendees to reach their business goals faster. We work closely with event organisers by offering full lifecycle support and deep integrations into existing systems. Our flexible and smart event engagement solution drives unparalleled engagement, which allows event attendees to optimise their Return on Time.
For Event Organizers
A real-time B2b matchmaking solution for your attendees. Exhibitors & attendees get the most out of your event, driving a better ROI. Get priceless insight into your attendees that can improve your marketing, ticket sales and sponsors report.
For Attendees
Never again miss the most valuable connections at an event. Grip uses artificial intelligence to enable attendees to connect with the right people efficiently. Schedule meetings directly within the Grip app.
How It Works
Artificial Intelligence suggests the right people to meet at an event, and presents them on an easy-to-use swiping interface. Learn from attendees’ preferences as they swipe consequently learn more about your attendees. AI improves the recommendations attendees receive in real time.
Our Product Solution
An intelligent, flexible cross-platform software solution enabling you to maximize event success by combining a focus on driving networking and engagement with a host of supporting features that ensure your event goes smoothly.

Our Awards

Max Davies-Gilbert

Director, Enemigo

“The meetings would have taken at least the first day of the conference to arrange – but (with Grip) I’ve been able to arrange them a week in advance.”

Our World-Class Team

Ameen A

Integration Engineer

Yuriy Berdnikov
Mobile Developer
Ania Borsuk
Senior Software Engineer
Laurie Delpino
Customer Success Manager
Pablo Fernández
Senior Software Engineer
Tim Groot
CEO and Co-Founder
Ivan Lian
Maria Martin
Head of Business Operations
James Swingland
Data Scientist
Taras Tesak
Mobile Developer
George Wilman
Front End Developer
Ruben Onderdelinden
Sales Rep. Benelux
Lee Eccles
Customer Success Manager
Jake Rigby
Sales Development Representative
Soulmaz Miller
Project Manager
Piotr Podhajski
Product Manager