Event Networking Software

We are Grip, an award-winning matchmaking App for events that changes the networking game for your attendees. Grip is the first AI powered event networking solution.

About Grip

Grip empowers exhibitors and attendees to make meaningful connections at events to reach their business goals faster.

Grip takes the hard work out of networking by becoming an attendee’s own personal assistant, through its Ai software recommending the best people to meet in function of their business needs. Using advanced algorithms, Grip’s Ai will identify the right people to meet and presents them on an easy-to-use swiping interface.

Using Grip App

For Event Organizers

  • A real-time B2b matchmaking solution for your attendees.
  • Exhibitors & attendees get the most out of your event, driving a better ROI.
  • Get priceless insight into your attendees that can improve your marketing, ticket sales and sponsors report.

For Attendees

  • Never again miss the most valuable connections at an event.
  • Grip uses artificial intelligence to enable attendees to connect with the right people efficiently.
  • Schedule meetings directly within the Grip App

How It Works

  • Artificial Intelligence suggests the right people to meet at an event, and presents them on an easy-to-use swiping interface.
  • Learn from attendees’ preferences as they swipe consequently learn more about your attendees.
  • AI improves the recommendations attendees receive in real time.

Our Product Solution

  • Intelligent event networking with a smart meeting scheduler
  • GEMA – Grip’s Embedded Matchmaking Algorithm API
  • Grip LeadBox Plugin
  • Grip Analytics and Insights Dashboard



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Ivan Lian

Ivan Lian

Head of Engineering at Grip

Ivan is a seasoned tech veteran who’s earned his engineering chops at Silicon Valley’s oldest web company Yahoo. He has been involved in pretty much everything from the good old days of the desktop web, through to mobile app technologies, social platforms as well as search and advertising revenue systems. More recently, Ivan has gone back to school and completed a Masters in Intelligent Systems at King’s College London.


Pablo Fernandez

Software Engineer

Pablo is passionate about innovation and problem solving. This led him to publish two papers on Evolutionary Algorithms and several cutting edge Android games. Pablo holds a BA in Computer Science and a Master in Computer Engineering from the University of A Coruña. In his free time, you can find Pablo playing basketball, reading a book or watching sports.

Jack Geddes

Jack Geddes

Marketing Manager

Graduated from the leading advertising university in the UK – Jack is creative with a marketing flair. He is overseeing all the marketing for Grip, when not thinking of innovative solutions for Grip, Jack enjoys skiing, running and spending time with his family.

Ania Borsuk

Ania Borsuk

Senior Software Engineer

For her dissertation she made a self-learning obstacle-avoiding mobile robot, Ania is an experienced developer with a strong interest in machine learning, scalable solutions, and clean code. Ania holds a BSc in Computer Science with AI from City University London and in her free-time you can find her playing drums in bands around London.

Roland Batovski

Roland Batovski

Lead Mobile Developer

Responsible for both the iOS and Android of Grip, Roland has a knack for logical thinking and mathematics. Roland joined as a mobile developer in the fall of 2015, and since then we have become accustomed to him headbanging to Slipknot every now and then while coding. Roland holds a BA in Computer Science from the University of Oxford. In his free time Roland likes reading books, playing guitar, and watching the latest Adventure Time episode.

Tim G

Tim Groot

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Starting his first company at age 17 – Tim is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for creating awesome products. Tim co-founded Grip in 2014 and became the Chief Executive Officer after Grip and Intros joined forces. When not pushing pixels and creating tickets for devs you can find him in the best burger places of London or reading a good book.