The Future of Event Matchmaking

Social, behavioral and registration data come together in one system to deliver the future of matchmaking at events. Combining advanced algorithms, contextual vectors and natural language processing to create and navigate a multi-dimensional universe to personalize the networking experience for every single attendee.

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Matching Starts With Understanding

We combine social and registration data to define you as you – taking all your nuances, interests and professional history to define a micro-profile of you in the context of the event. We do this using our own internally developed algorithms and natural language processing techniques.

Grip Understanding the Networking Intent

Learning From Every Interaction

We are everyone’s personal matchmaker that constantly improves based on every interaction the attendee takes. Light years ahead of anyone else it goes way beyond the static profile information and turns a normally standardized experience in a seamless discovery of people to meet.

Learning From Every Interaction
“Grip was great. Our delegates really enjoyed the networking app and even approached me to compliment its use at Founders Forum.”
Anais Benazet
Anaïs BenazetHead of Events Founders Forum

Real-time Behavioral Insights

Capturing the networking intent enables us to facilitate great networking but it also provides us with behavioral insights. These insights can help you better understand your attendees to drive rebookings and provide better data to sponsors and exhibitors.

Advanced Chord Diagrams

We go beyond statistics and provide you with real insight and rich visualizations that help you understand who people want to meet and what their networking priorities are. Hover over the Chord Diagram below to see which groups of people are connecting with each other.

Easy to integrate for all parties

Use our well documented GEMA API to integrate our matchmaking into your system. The matchmaking engine is the same as we use for our own applications that has been used by leading events.