Better Networking, More Engaged Attendees

Great connections keep your attendees engaged and make your event stand out

Engage Attendees from Pre-Event Setup to Onsite Success

Most attendees come to events for the networking; Grip makes it better for everyone.


Pre-Event: Increase Event Attendance – Pre-event meeting scheduling gets attendees networking and engaged with your event from the start, and throughout.


During the Event: Evolving Prospecting Opportunities – Personalized networking recommendations, and AI recommendation adjustments in real-time, make on-location networking a revolutionary experience.


Post-Event: Understand Your Audience – Know why and which audience sectors connected at your event to create and improve value propositions for exhibitors and sponsors.

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Our customer stories and awards

Philip Harding

Founder, Dingle

“Usually I’m struggling to find the right person at the right time… Now, with the app, I’m not only setting up meetings with people who wanted to meet, but also meeting new people whom you might not have otherwise bumped into, which is revolutionary.”

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