Monitor and Manage Your Event in Real Time

Get to Grips with your event. All in one place. In real time.

Control and Measure the Networking at Your Event

Everything you need for successful event networking.


Create your branded event technology with ease on our self service dashboard whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing event technology.


Delight your exhibitors and attendees with a bespoke networking experience on a fun and easy-to-use swiping interface. Easily showcase your exhibitors and their products to the widest prospects.


Monitor event performance in real time including key drivers for exhibitor ROI; meetings and connections. Track attendee success from email open rates to powerful insights per connection.

Create, Promote and Monitor Your Event in 3 Simple Steps

Monitor your event networking performance in real time inside our state of the art dashboard. It’s a single point of contact to manage attendees and exhibitors.


Create a customized networking experience from the start – Choose from email templates to let your attendees know about Grip’s Matchmaking Solution.


Data integrations – Integrate your data through our API or import CSV data via the Grip dashboard.


Understand your audience with data-driven insights – Monitor and understand your event performance in real time with the Grip dashboard. See connection numbers made at the event between attendees, VIPs, and exhibitors.

Make Your Event a Success

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Integrate Your Registration Platform

Grip integrates with registration providers to create a smooth and holistic user experience.


Grip is integrated with the event industries leading registration providers via our market leading API. Contact us to see if we’re already working with your registration provider.

CSV Import & Export

You can also upload CSV files of attendee data through the Dashboard as well as export all attendee and interaction data such as meetings, connections and swipes post event.

Less Work. More Network

Find out how Grip empowers you to get a real grip on event success.
Quick Set-Up
Set up your event from the dashboard in minutes
Make It Yours
Brand and customize your event
Amaze your Attendees
Bespoke innovative professional matchmaking in real-time
Use data analytics to gain insights into potential ROI

Measure Event Performance

Dive into the insights section to understand the interactions that took place at your event and measure the performance for every group of people that attended.

Frequently Asked Questions

What metrics do you provide in the Grip Dashboard?

We provide metrics around emails, activation, recommendations, connections, meetings as well as deeper insight into what has been driving recommendations, connections and meetings.

To what detail can I analyze data in the Grip Dashboard?

We provide in-depth analysis on recommendations, connections and meetings in the form of chord diagrams, leaderboards and other useful graphs. If you want to go beyond that you’re able to export all data in CSV format to import it to dedicated data visualization platforms.

Can I export data from the dashboard in CSV format?

Yes, you can. From the Grip Dashboard, you can export all profile and interaction data in CSV format.

How do you measure exhibitor and attendee success on the Grip Dashboard?

At Grip, we believe we drive real ROI for your exhibitors and attendees. Therefore track both the basics such as email and app opens as well as the exact connections and meetings people and companies are having on the Grip Matchmaking Platform.

Can I set up meetings on my attendees behalf?

Yes, you can. From the Grip Dashboard, you can both create and accept meetings on behalf of attendees.

When do you typically launch your technology?

Although this depends on the event ideally launch the platform 8 to 4 weeks before your event. Having said that, some events launch as late as 24 hours before the event are still seeing incredible success on Grip.

Can I monitor how many people read your emails?

Yes, you can. You can track how many people received, opened, read, clicked and unsubscribed on emails send from the Grip platform.