Event Matchmaking Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Networking is an art. Matchmaking is Grip’s science. Bring them together on the best event networking app for conference and exhibition success.

Tangible Results with Face-to-Face Networking

Enhance event exposure with quality prospects.

For Attendees

Efficient personalized event participant matchmaking, such as pre-event meeting scheduling. On location, every attendee gets matchmaking recommendations that improve as they interact with the algorithm.

For Exhibitors

Capturing great business leads that aren’t tied to their booths location. Badge scanning enables real-time insights on prospective buyers’ networking intentions and how well this matches exhibitors’ offerings. Post-event analytics that show successful connections and areas for improvement.

For VIPs

Arrange meetings for your VIPs to make the most of their time. Until and unless they ‘Swipe right’ to connect, VIPs have absolute discretion and privacy about who they want to connect with. All swipes are anonymous until a ‘Handshake’ connection is established.

Event-Specific AI-powered Matchmaking

Go beyond manual, random matchmaking that lacks flexibility and feedback.

Quality Meetings For Everyone

Deliver an award-winning networking experience that works for attendees, exhibitors and VIPs.

Matthew Servini

The Craft Distilling

“The app helps you clarify which potential meetings you want to have… 5 out of 6 meetings I’ve had are quality meetings; I’ve had 8 yesterday and 8 today, so it’s been pretty good.”

Enable Face-to-Face Meetings at Your Conference or Tradeshow

Create a tailored experience for each of your attendees at your event.
Pre-Event Meeting Scheduling
Ensure on-the-day attendance and help your attendees plan their networking experience even before they arrive. Attendees register using a social media account of their choice (such as LinkedIn), with our Artificial Intelligence engine matching relevant parties. For event organizers, reams of spreadsheets and data-entry are a thing of the past.
Personalized Suggestions
Attendees have their own, unique set of digital content the moment they open the app, with personalized recommendations of which speaker best suits their interest, or which panel discussion to attend. (Smart) Attendee Lists mean no more ‘networking roulette’ with whom they might meet.

The Complete Event Matchmaking Solution

Filled with features to drive event networking success.
Show Your Sponsors You Value Them
Sponsors want to know how far their investment has gone in your event. Show proof points of how successful various sectors have been in the event. Get insights on engagement levels and behavior via the analytics dashboard, which helps fine-tune what to offer at subsequent events.
One-to-One Meetings
Networking is an art. The best and most successful connections are face-to-face. Ensure the best networking experience for your attendees by assuring the quality of their prospects, with Grip’s matchmaking science.
Real-Time Behavioral Insights
Drive rebookings and provide better data to sponsors and exhibitors with a better understanding of attendees’ behavior patterns. These are enabled by the networking process, which is based on user interaction and networking intent.
Boost Exhibitor’s Presence
Your exhibitors strive to amplify their presence at your conference or fair. Add value to your offer by providing your exhibitors with extra exposure in your conference or trade show app. Offer them info-rich profiles, and the ability to scan leads, all in one place and to collect them via CSV.

Take Control by Creating Your Own Attendee Matchmaking Rules

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the AI Matchmaking actually work?

Grip uses a vast array of data sources to deliver it’s matchmaking experience. There is more than 10 different ‘strategies’ that Grip uses to recommend people. Some are based on previous meetings and connections people like you have made, others are based on your profile data and finding you people with similar profile data. To learn more about our strategies and how our matchmaking engine work, you can request a demo!

Why are recomendations from Grip better than static rules?

Grip’s recommendations are better than static rules because they learn based on actions people take in real time. Let’s say an exhibitor requests a meeting with a partular client, Our matchmaking engine learns from this and will start recommending the exhibitor other, similar clients to meet with. A static rules matchmaking engine will never learn from these interactions and never improves past the initial set up.

Can you provide your recommendations engine outside for ongoing communities?

Yes we can! You can integrate with our API to for example give recommendations of job descriptions, people to meet with in a 365 community. We’re excited about working with you to get the most out of our matchmaking engine.

Where do you store and process data?

Our data is all processed and stored in the EU.

What mobile applications is the Grip Matchmaking Engine currently integrated with?

The Grip Matchmaking Engine is currently integrated into the Zerista, Goomeo, Moblee and Venu-IQ app. We’re always interested in integrating with other event app partners and are in active discussions with most major event app providers, please get in touch to hear how we bring smart matchmaking to your event app.

How do I know if the Grip recommendations are really working?

Grip provides detailed analytics post-event on how its recommendations performed. This will soon also be available in our dashboard so you can see at any time how various strategies are performing. You can also create your own matchmaking rules and we’ll use those to influence our other recommendations as well as select people, companies and sessions to recommend based on that.

Make Your Event a Success

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