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    Artificial Intelligence

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Event Meeting Scheduling

Our smart Meeting Scheduling feature allows attendees to book meetings before and during the event.

Event Matchmaking

Our event matchmaking solution learns from the participants and gives recommendations in real time.

Event Networking Solution

Grip puts attendees in control of whom they wish to meet.

B2B Event Matchmaking

Bring participants together with our matchmaking solution and establish the best possible meetings between attendees, exhibitors and sponsors.

Event Matchmaking Software

Personalized Recommendations

By using “Natural Language Processing and Deep Neural Networks”, we are able to connect people based on interests, needs and commonalities. It lets us tell an attendee not just who, but also why they should meet someone, in the form of Reasons To Meet.

Create Your Own Matchmaking Rules

We enable you to take full advantage of your domain knowledge. Setup your own category rules in the Grip Dashboard that will influence the matchmaking engine in real-time and improve the recommendations for exhibitors, delegates and sponsors.

Event Meeting Scheduling

Our smart scheduling feature allows attendees to schedule meetings before and during the event.

Smart Meeting Scheduling

The smart meeting scheduling feature makes it fast and easy for attendees, exhibitors and Hosted Buyers to book face-to-face meetings with each other. Our smart meeting scheduler automatically selects the times and locations that both event-goers are available for a meeting.


Fast and Easy to Setup

The meeting scheduler is fast and easy to setup for organizers. Simply specify the times and locations, we’ll make sure attendees don’t have any double bookings and places don’t get crowded while you have full insight into the number of scheduled, pending and declined meetings.